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Heard Them Stirring by Fleet Foxes
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One of These Nights by Eagles
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I'm Only Joking by Kongos
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*Tim Gunn voice* I’M CONCERNED

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Anonymous: What have been the best things about this past week?

I saw two really funny improv shows, and I got my student ID for school which is in three weeks. It was a good week.

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Anonymous: Which artists are most influential upon you?

Gustav Klimt and Edgar Degas. The way they saw/portrayed woman in their era is an inspiration, and I aspire to have my work have the same message and ideas they set; women are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and altogether mysterious yet elegant.

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Anonymous: Do you have a favorite period in history?

How can one choose just one? The Belle Époque in the late 1800’s in Western Europe, The Edwardian Era in England (early 1900’s), and the 1920’s in France with the Lost Generation. So 1870-late 1920’s in western Europe basically :)